Here's how I start a painting

Before painting or creating a new city, I always take some time to think about the city I want to paint or create, and concentrate on its characteristics:

  • Is it a happy or sad city?
  • Is it abstract or does it have some recognisable feature as described in Calvino’s book? 
  • What colours do I want to use?

After giving it some thought, I start sketching some ideas. The sketching process may take as little as 5 minutes or as long as a few days, depending on how complex the design will be.

I keep sketching until I am satisfied with the idea behind the city I am visualising. 

Sometimes I refer to old sketches, which I find in my sketchbooks: I might look for a specific architectural feature or simply find inspiration in shape or mood. Sometimes I just look at my sketches in order to get my inspirational juices flowing, and sometimes I just seek pleasure in looking back at older images.

This is how I get started


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